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Northwich Victoria

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Aylesbury United

  Half-time: (0-1)  

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1Player ImageKeith BAKER
2Player ImageKevin TILLEY
3Player ImagePeter MEAD
4Player ImageJohn BAILEY
5Player ImageLeo MARKHAM
6Player ImageMick MARTIN
7Player ImageDave O'REILLY
8Player ImageDave PARRATT
9Player ImageAlan JEFFRIES
10Player ImageBilly HOLMES
11Player ImageGary HARTHILL
12Player ImageDavy JONES 
MManager ImageLeo MARKHAM
Match Report


The contingent of United fans who made the long journey northwards were well rewarded by yet another stirring display by the Ducks.

It was Aylesbury who took the game to the home side and in the 30th minute scored a deserved goal from Dave Parratt.

It could so easily have been two before the break, and that would surely have buried the Vics, but the home side came out of their shell in the second half to storm the United goal, and how soundly the defence played until an untidy goal from a goalmouth scramble levelled the scores.

The game went into extra time, but neither side could conjure up a goal and so the match, like those against Barnet and Enfield went forward to a second replay.