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Aylesbury United

4 0

Maidenhead United

  Half-time: (3-0)  
Gary PHILLIPSPlayer Image1
15 Steve SMARTPlayer Image2
Allan PLUCKROSEPlayer Image3
12 Mark NEWSONPlayer Image4
14 Matt HAYWARDPlayer Image5
Steve SHEAPlayer Image6
Gary COBBPlayer Image7
Ricky SULLIVANPlayer Image8
Gary SMITHPlayer Image9
Mark BROWESPlayer Image10
Michael DANZEYPlayer Image11
4 Roni JOEPlayer Image12
5 Wesley OGLEPlayer Image14
2 Steve HEARDPlayer Image15
  Gary PHILLIPSManager ImageM
Match Report


A week after their first meeting there was only one team in the replay as the Ducks were rampant. After the first game United boss Steve Ketteridge had suddenly resigned without warning and the club moved quickly to appoint Gary Phillips and Mark Newson as Caretaker Manager and Assistant.

As often happens in these situations the team played above themselves in tribute to their former mentor and the visitors had no answer to Aylesbury's slick passing game.

The match was over as a contest by half time as two goals in four minutes from Mickey Danzey and a long range effort from Steve Smart put the Ducks 3-0 up.

The second period was less eventful, but there was still time for physio Mark Browes to net his side's fourth and a very young Roni Joe to make only his second appearance for the club.