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Aylesbury United

3 2

Harefield United

  Half-time: (2-1)  
      Jack SILLITOEPlayer Image1
      15 60m Lee BIRCHAMPlayer Image2
      Zack REYNOLDSPlayer Image3
      Jack WOODPlayer Image4
      Derek BROWNPlayer Image5
      Steve HATCHPlayer Image6
      16 76m Ben BUTLERPlayer Image7
      14 60m Joey ACHEAMPONGPlayer Image8
      Ben BAINESPlayer Image9
      Stacey FIELDPlayer Image10
      7Paul EDGEWORTHPlayer Image11
      John MULHOLLANDPlayer Image12
      8 60m Louis AUSTINPlayer Image14
      2 60m Warren GARCIAPlayer Image15
      7 76m Greg WILLIAMSPlayer Image16
      Michal KORPALAPlayer Image17
        Tony JOYCEManager ImageM
      1Player ImageCharlie MILLER
      2Player ImageDave TILBURY
      3Player ImageJake GIRT
      4Player ImageHarry HOWELL
      5Player ImageMark WEEDON12 46m 
      6Player ImageDanny BENNELL
      7Player ImageRhys RABESS14 56m 
      8Player ImageMax HUBBARD
      9Player ImageMark SARGENT
      10Player ImageChris DRAKE
      11Player ImageHarry NEWMAN15 56m 
      12Player ImageMohamed HASHI5 46m 
      14Player ImageRyan EGAN7 56m 
      15Player ImageKeemo MAPHELA11 56m 
      Match Report



      A fairly interesting game started with a few good chances for the visitors, Sillitoe being forced into an easy save and a defensive slip almost letting them in the first few minutes.

      A couple of free kicks for Aylesbury United on 7 and 9 minutes gave the impetus for the opening goal on ten minutes from Hatch, a deserved goal from a good build up. 1-0 Aylesbury

      A period of Harefield possession pulled a fine save from Sillitoe on a quarter of an hour from a long range shot.

      Field had a speculative shot tipped over and an Edgeworth free kick hit the wall, before Girt equalised with a twenty yard strike on the break. 1-1

      It wasn't too long before The Ducks restored their lead, when Field converted the penalty after Acheampong was brought down in the box, on half an hour. 2-1 Aylesbury

      The referee, after consultation with his assistant only gave a yellow card.

      The remainder of the half was pretty even, Aylesbury enjoying seven or eight minutes of possession, before the midfield looked to struggle and Harefield wasted a couple of good chances towards the end of the half.

      Half-time: Aylesbury 2-1 Harefield

      The second half started quite brightly, with visitors enjoying a little early possession. But some inventive play between Acheampong and Butler saw Butler extend the home side's lead on fifty minutes. 3-1 Aylesbury

      This was a deserved lead, which was enough to worry the visitors into bringing Egan and Maphela on for Rabble and Newman, on 56 minutes, having already brought Nash on for Weedon at half time.

      On the hour a double Ducks substitution saw debutant Louis Austin and Warren Garcia come on for Bircham and Acheampong, in fact, Austin almost scored with his first touch.

      On sixty seven minutes, a chip from on-loan centre half Derek Brown put Stacey Field through with a one on one with the Harefield keeper which was easily saved.

      Within a minute some Harefield pressure saw them pull a goal back, through an easy tap in for Hubbard on sixty eight minutes. 2-3

      Greg Williams was brought on for Ben Butler on 76 minutes, to try and steady the game, the tide of which was turning towards Harefield.

      The last quarter of an hour was a nervous time, apart from a nice break between Austin and Field, Harefield could have felt slightly unlucky to lose.

      All in all AUFC did enough to take all three points, though they struggled a little towards the end.

      Thanks to Matthew Doherty for this match report