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Tuesday 18th August 2015

National League South

Court Place Farm, Oxford Attendance: 255

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Oxford City

2 2

Basingstoke Town

  Half-time: (1-1)  
      Laurie WALKERPlayer Image1
      Luke COULSONPlayer Image2
      Josetxo LAPOUJADEPlayer Image3
      Ander DEL ALAMOPlayer Image4
      Jon ARZUMENDIPlayer Image5
      Alejandro ADRIANPlayer Image6
      12 86m Reece FLEETPlayer Image7
      Darren PONDPlayer Image8
      Bradley BUBBPlayer Image9
      14 72m Julen LAFUENTEPlayer Image10
      Kynan ISAACPlayer Image11
      7 86m Jamal LAWRENCEPlayer Image12
      10 72m Declan BENJAMINPlayer Image14
      Lee HENDERSONPlayer Image15
      Carlos PIFARRE FORNERPlayer Image16
      Paul STONEHOUSEPlayer Image17
      1Player ImageAaron HOWE
      2Player ImageWill SALMON
      3Player ImageTom BIRD
      4Player ImageJames HARPER
      5Player ImageRobbie RICE
      6Player ImageDavid RAY
      7Player ImageLouie SOARES
      8Player ImageShaun MCAULEY15 64m 
      9Player ImageLiam ENVER-MARUM
      10Player ImageChris FLOOD
      11Player ImageLloyd MACKLIN16 77m 
      12Player ImageJay GASSON
      14Player ImageNathan SMART
      15Player ImageSimon DUNN8 64m 
      16Player ImageHarrison GILKES11 77m 
      17Player ImageManny WILLIAMS
      MManager ImageJason BRISTOW