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Saturday 29th August 2015

The FA Cup: Preliminary Round

The Recreation Ground, Bashley Attendance: 100


0 4

Mangotsfield United

  Half-time: (0-2)  
    Nic JONESPlayer Image1
    Aaron DUNNEPlayer Image2
    Sam CHILMANPlayer Image3
    Brad MORRISPlayer Image4
    Greg KINGPlayer Image5
    12 54m Scott WALTERSPlayer Image6
    Ronan MOOREPlayer Image7
    Connor DUFFINPlayer Image8
    14 64m Carl FOSTERPlayer Image9
    Kieran STEPHENSPlayer Image10
    15 54m Dammy BADAPlayer Image11
    6 54m Zac HINEPlayer Image12
    9 64m Brandon HUCKSTEPPPlayer Image14
    11 54m Shaun PRENTICEPlayer Image15
    Connor HOAREPlayer Image16
    Rob GILLETTPlayer Image17
      Steve RILEYManager ImageM
    1Player ImageConnor THOMPSON
    2Player ImageLewis SHIPP
    3Player ImageTom PARRINELLO
    4Player ImageScott BRICE
    5Player ImageMarcus MAPSTONE12 44m 
    6Player ImageBrad ABRAHAM14 87m 
    7Player ImageLewis HOGG
    8Player ImageElliott GIBBONS
    9Player ImageKarim RENDALL15 54m 
    10Player ImageLewis POWELL
    11Player ImageJake COX
    12Player ImageRyan BATTEN5 44m 
    14Player ImageNeil ARNDALE6 87m 
    15Player ImageBen BROOKS9 54m 
    16Player ImageSteve DAVIES
    17Player ImageMatt GROVES
    MManager ImageRichard THOMPSON