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Saturday 12th September 2015

The FA Cup: 1st Qualifying Round

The Meadowbank Ground, Nailsworth Attendance: 85

Shortwood United

4 3

Bracknell Town

  Half-time: (3-2)  
Tom KINGPlayer Image1
Sam RAWLINGSPlayer Image2
Nick HUMPHREYSPlayer Image3
Andy LEWISPlayer Image4
12 71m Nick PEAREPlayer Image5
Nick HANCOCKPlayer Image6
Marley THOMASPlayer Image7
14 62m Adam PRICEPlayer Image8
Jake LEEPlayer Image9
15 83m Liam MEREDITHPlayer Image10
Matt BENNETTPlayer Image11
5 71m Joe WHITEPlayer Image12
8 62m James SINGHPlayer Image14
10 83m Jake PARROTTPlayer Image15