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Saturday 3rd October 2015

National League South

Melbourne Park, Chelmsford Attendance: 988

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Chelmsford City

0 4

Oxford City

  Half-time: (0-0)  
    Christian DIBBLEPlayer Image1
    15 69m Rob GIRDLESTONEPlayer Image2
    Aiden PALMERPlayer Image3
    Mark HUGHESPlayer Image4
    Marvin EKPITETAPlayer Image5
    Rory MCAULEYPlayer Image6
    Sean SHIELDSPlayer Image7
    12 61m Mark HAINESPlayer Image8
    14 33m Hugo SKEPELHORNPlayer Image9
    Tomi ADELOYEPlayer Image10
    Bagasan GRAHAMPlayer Image11
    8 61m Harry MORGANPlayer Image12
    9 33m Charlie HENRYPlayer Image14
    2 69m Marvel EKPITETAPlayer Image15
    Jonah GOSLINGPlayer Image16
    Lee SAWYERPlayer Image18
      Mark HAWKESManager ImageM
    1Player ImageLaurie WALKER
    2Player ImageDavid KING
    3Player ImageJosetxo LAPOUJADE
    4Player ImageAnder DEL ALAMO
    5Player ImageAlejandro ADRIAN
    6Player ImageJon ARZUMENDI
    7Player ImageLuke COULSON
    8Player ImageReece FLEET
    9Player ImageBradley BUBB14 65m 
    10Player ImageDarren POND17 80m 
    11Player ImageKynan ISAAC16 76m 
    12Player ImageConor MCDONAGH
    14Player ImageOmari STERLING-JAMES9 65m 
    15Player ImageDeclan BENJAMIN
    16Player ImageJulen LAFUENTE11 76m 
    17Player ImageCarlos PIFARRE FORNER10 80m