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Sunday 8th November 2015

The FA Cup: 1st Round

The Shay, Halifax Attendance: 1789

FC Halifax Town

0 4

Wycombe Wanderers

  Half-time: (0-1)  
Russell GRIFFITHSPlayer Image25
James BOLTONPlayer Image2
Scott MCMANUSPlayer Image3
36 74m Kevin ROBERTSPlayer Image15
Keil O'BRIENPlayer Image32
Nat BROWNPlayer Image34
Kingsley JAMESPlayer Image4
Sam WALKERPlayer Image11
18 57m Tommy MILLERPlayer Image33
Nicky WROEPlayer Image35
Jordan BURROWPlayer Image9
Matt GLENNONPlayer Image27
Matt BROWNPlayer Image14
Josh MACDONALDPlayer Image17
15 74m Kieran SADLIERPlayer Image36
Hamza BENCHERIFPlayer Image6
Danny HATTERSLEYPlayer Image7
33 57m Shaun TUTONPlayer Image18