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Sunday 8th November 2015

The FA Cup: 1st Round

The Gallagher Stadium, Maidstone Attendance: 2811

Maidstone United

0 1

Yeovil Town

  Half-time: (0-0)  
Lee WORGANPlayer Image1
Callum DRIVERPlayer Image2
Tom MILLSPlayer Image3
Jamie COYLEPlayer Image4
Manny PARRYPlayer Image5
Jack PAXMANPlayer Image6
Matt BODKINPlayer Image7
James ROGERSPlayer Image8
12 74m Jay MAYPlayer Image9
14 62m Alex OSBORNPlayer Image10
15 80m Alex FLISHERPlayer Image11
9 74m Frannie COLLINPlayer Image12
Mitchell PINNOCKPlayer Image19
10 62m Alex AKROFIPlayer Image14
11 80m Adam BIRCHALLPlayer Image15
Steve WATTPlayer Image16
Bobby-Joe TAYLORPlayer Image17
Ben CARDPlayer Image18