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Banbury United

3 1


  Half-time: (2-0)  
      Jack HARDINGPlayer Image1
      Callum WHITEPlayer Image2
      Miles WELCH-HAYESPlayer Image3
      Duran MARTINPlayer Image4
      Jack WESTBROOKPlayer Image5
      Andy GUNNPlayer Image6
      Zac MCEACHRANPlayer Image7
      12 82m George NASHPlayer Image8
      14 75m Ricky JOHNSONPlayer Image9
      Leam HOWARDSPlayer Image10
      15 68m Darius BROWNEPlayer Image11
      8 82m Ollie STANBRIDGEPlayer Image12
      9 75m Louis JOYCEPlayer Image14
      11 68m Mark BELLPlayer Image15
      Charlie WISEPlayer Image16
      Jon STEEDMANPlayer Image17
        Mike FORDManager ImageM
      1Player ImageGeorge BURTON
      2Player ImageSam TURL
      3Player ImageAdam MACE
      4Player ImageRyan THWAITE
      5Player ImageRich THWAITE
      6Player ImageFreddy WARD
      7Player ImageJack TWYMAN
      8Player ImageAlex HOYLE14 60m 
      9Player ImageSean LAWSON12 70m 
      10Player ImagePaul FAHY
      11Player ImageSam BABATUNDE15 51m 
      12Player ImageJamie MARTIN9 70m 
      14Player ImageDean TURNER8 60m 
      15Player ImageCallum BROWN11 51m