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Saturday 5th December 2015

National League South

Vauxhall Road, Hemel Hempstead Attendance: 571

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Hemel Hempstead Town

1 2

Ebbsfleet United

  Half-time: (0-0)  
      Jamie BUTLERPlayer Image1
      Ben HERDPlayer Image2
      Kyle CONNOLLYPlayer Image3
      Terrell FORBESPlayer Image4
      Steve WATTPlayer Image5
      15 Matthew SPRINGPlayer Image6
      Zane BANTONPlayer Image7
      Michael RICHENSPlayer Image8
      Oliver HAWKINSPlayer Image9
      Jamie SLABBERPlayer Image10
      12 Mo SHARIFFPlayer Image11
      11 James POTTONPlayer Image12
      Zak JULESPlayer Image14
      6 Noor HUSINPlayer Image15
      Jack D SMITHPlayer Image16
        Dean BRENNANManager ImageM
      1Player ImageBrandon HALL
      2Player ImageMatt FISH
      3Player ImageJoe HOWE
      4Player ImageStuart LEWIS
      5Player ImageKenny CLARK
      6Player ImageTom BONNER
      7Player ImageDean RANCE
      8Player ImageJordan PARKES15 70m 
      9Player ImageDanny KEDWELL
      10Player ImageMatt GODDEN
      11Player ImageDanny HAYNES14 80m 
      12Player ImageAnthony ACHEAMPONG
      14Player ImageCharlie SHERINGHAM11 80m 
      15Player ImageMike WEST8 70m 
      16Player ImageJohn Paul KISSOCK
      17Player ImageJonathan MILES
      MManager ImageDaryl MCMAHON