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Yate Town

0 3

Taunton Town

  Half-time: (0-0)  
      Ben REEDPlayer Image1
      Tom WARRENPlayer Image2
      Jake COXPlayer Image3
      Greg ANDREWSPlayer Image4
      Callum LAIRDPlayer Image5
      Jamie LAIRDPlayer Image6
      12 82m Alec FIDDESPlayer Image7
      Brett TROWBRIDGEPlayer Image8
      Lewis POWELLPlayer Image9
      14 45m Nathan GOREPlayer Image10
      15 76m Kane INGRAMPlayer Image11
      7 82m Camen HARVEYPlayer Image12
      10 45m Darren EDWARDSPlayer Image14
      11 76m Mike BRYANTPlayer Image15
      Lewis FOGGPlayer Image16
      George BOXPlayer Image17
        Craig LAIRDManager ImageM
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      1Player ImageLloyd IRISH
      2Player ImageJamie PRICE
      3Player ImageJosh SEARLE
      4Player ImageCharlie HITCHINGS
      5Player ImageMatt VILLIS
      6Player ImageDale EVANS
      7Player ImageJamie SHORT
      8Player ImageOllie CHAMBERLAIN
      9Player ImageJordan ROGERS12 63m 
      10Player ImageLewis POWELL
      11Player ImageNuno FELIX15 74m 
      12Player ImageCraig VEAL9 63m 
      14Player ImageJames REGAN 89m 
      15Player ImageAidan CHAINEY11 74m 
      16Player ImageOwen IRISH
      17Player ImageRob FARKINS