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Tuesday 19th January 2016

The FA Trophy: 2nd Round

The Shay, Halifax Attendance: 673

FC Halifax Town

1 0

Barrow AFC

  Half-time: (0-0)  

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      Sam JOHNSONPlayer Image23
      Kevin ROBERTSPlayer Image15
      Scott MCMANUSPlayer Image3
      Matt BROWNPlayer Image14
      James BOLTONPlayer Image2
      Hamza BENCHERIFPlayer Image6
      Kingsley JAMESPlayer Image4
      16 70m Connor HUGHESPlayer Image24
      40 64m Sam WALKERPlayer Image11
      Jordan BURROWPlayer Image9
      Shaun TUTONPlayer Image18
      Josh MACDONALDPlayer Image17
      24 70m Jake HIBBSPlayer Image16
      Ben CLAPPISONPlayer Image22
      Jordan PORTERPlayer Image1
      11 64m Shaq MCDONALDPlayer Image40
      12Player ImageJoel DIXON
      5Player ImageDanny LIVESEY
      6Player ImageSimon GRAND
      2Player ImageNiall COWPERTHWAITE
      28Player ImageAndy PARRY
      11Player ImageDanny PILKINGTON18 77m 
      7Player ImageAndy HAWORTH20 20m 
      15Player ImageDavid MELLOR9 65m 
      23Player ImageDave SYMINGTON
      25Player ImageNick ANDERTON
      10Player ImageAndy COOK
      20Player ImageElliot NEWBY7 20m 
      9Player ImageJason WALKER15 65m 
      18Player ImageAshley GRIMES11 77m 
      8Player ImageAlex-Ray HARVEY
      17Player ImageSteve WILLIAMS