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Sunday 24th January 2016

National League

Crabble Athletic Ground, Dover Attendance: 1184

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Dover Athletic

1 2

Cheltenham Town

  Half-time: (0-0)  

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Andy RAFFERTYPlayer Image30
Sam MAGRIPlayer Image2
Sean RAGGETTPlayer Image5
Richard ORLUPlayer Image6
Tyrone STERLINGPlayer Image16
Ricky MODESTEPlayer Image7
8 67m Tom MURPHYPlayer Image10
Nicky DEVERDICSPlayer Image17
Jack PARKINSONPlayer Image18
14 89m Aswad THOMASPlayer Image21
Ricky MILLERPlayer Image9
Mitchell WALKERPlayer Image1
Jamie GRIMESPlayer Image15
10 67m Liam BELLAMYPlayer Image8
Mitchell PINNOCKPlayer Image24
21 89m Duane OFORI-ACHEAMPONGPlayer Image14
  Chris KINNEARManager ImageM