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Wednesday 2nd March 2016

The FA Trophy: Quarter Final Replay

Gateshead International Stadium, Gateshead Attendance: 724


3 3

FC Halifax Town

  Half-time: (1-1)  
      Sam RUSSELLPlayer Image1
      Andre BENNETTPlayer Image30
      James CURTISPlayer Image5
      Ben CLARKPlayer Image6
      Alex WHITMOREPlayer Image29
      Josh GILLIESPlayer Image10
      8 14m Gus MAFUTAPlayer Image12
      Paddy MCLAUGHLINPlayer Image26
      Matty PATTISONPlayer Image3
      CJ HAMILTONPlayer Image28
      9 70m Ryan BOWMANPlayer Image19
      12 14m Rob RAMSHAWPlayer Image8
      Danny JOHNSONPlayer Image20
      19 70m Jon SHAWPlayer Image9
      Jamie CHANDLERPlayer Image4
      Brendan PEARSONPlayer Image25
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      23Player ImageSam JOHNSON 81m 
      2Player ImageJames BOLTON
      3Player ImageScott MCMANUS
      4Player ImageKingsley JAMES
      6Player ImageHamza BENCHERIF
      9Player ImageJordan BURROW
      12Player ImageRichard PENIKET40 57m 
      14Player ImageMatt BROWN
      15Player ImageKevin ROBERTS24 61m 
      16Player ImageJake HIBBS17 61m 
      35Player ImageNicky WROE
      40Player ImageShaq MCDONALD12 57m 
      17Player ImageJosh MACDONALD16 61m 
      24Player ImageConnor HUGHES15 61m 
      11Player ImageSam WALKER
      1Player ImageJordan PORTER