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Swindon Supermarine

3 2

Mangotsfield United

  Half-time: (1-1)  
    Harvey RIVERSPlayer Image1
    Marcus JOHNSON-SCHUSTERPlayer Image2
    Kyle LAPHAMPlayer Image3
    Ash TAYLORPlayer Image4
    Joe SHEPHERDPlayer Image5
    Ryan STANNERSPlayer Image6
    Connor THOMPSONPlayer Image7
    Chris TAYLORPlayer Image8
    14 69m Brad GRAYPlayer Image9
    12 70m Josh PARSONSPlayer Image10
    15 82m Josh MORSEPlayer Image11
    10 70m Ryan O'HARAPlayer Image12
    9 69m Connor WALDONPlayer Image14
    11 82m Jacob DAVIDGEPlayer Image15
    Jake SIMPSONPlayer Image16
    Dan LAWRENCEPlayer Image17
    1Player ImageKyle PHILLIPS
    2Player ImageJosh BENNETT12 69m 
    3Player ImageTom PARRINELLO15 69m 
    4Player ImageAlfie KILGOUR
    5Player ImageScott BRICE
    6Player ImageBrad ABRAHAM
    7Player ImageRickie SCOTT16 77m 
    8Player ImageNick DUNN
    9Player ImageOlly MEHEW
    10Player ImageBen BAMENT
    11Player ImageMatt GROVES
    12Player ImageElliott GIBBONS2 69m 
    14Player ImageJoe HILLARD
    15Player ImageRyan BATTEN3 69m 
    16Player ImageTom FRY7 77m 
    MManager ImageDavid MEHEW