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St. Neots Town

1 1

Cambridge City

  Half-time: (1-0)  
    Alex ARCHERPlayer Image1
    George CASEYPlayer Image2
    Brett LONGDENPlayer Image3
    Adam TANNPlayer Image4
    Tom WARDPlayer Image5
    Danny BURNSPlayer Image6
    12 65m Josh DAWKINPlayer Image7
    Peter CLARKPlayer Image8
    Lee CLARKEPlayer Image9
    Drew ROBERTSPlayer Image10
    14 87m Remy GORDONPlayer Image11
    7 65m Jordan BROWNPlayer Image12
    11 87m Dan SCHIAVIPlayer Image14
    Charlie COULSONPlayer Image15
    Harley MAZEO-KELLYPlayer Image16
    Evan JECKELLSPlayer Image17
    1Player ImageZac BARRETT
    2Player ImageDanny KELLY
    3Player ImageCharlie DAY
    4Player ImageAdam MURRAY
    5Player ImageIeuan LEWIS
    6Player ImageJon KAYE
    7Player ImageCharlie BROWN14 58m 
    8Player ImageBuster HARRADINE12 46m 
    9Player ImageJames HALL
    10Player ImageKaan FEHMI15 58m 
    11Player ImageHarry NORMAN
    12Player ImageMartin STANDEN8 46m 
    14Player ImageCharlie WOOLFE7 58m 
    15Player ImageJoel NORRIS10 58m 
    16Player ImagePaul COOPER