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Saturday 23rd April 2016

Evo-Stik Southern League Division One South & West

The Meadowbank Ground, Nailsworth Attendance: 112

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Shortwood United

1 1

Winchester City

  Half-time: (1-0)  
Tom KINGPlayer Image1
12 75m Bobby HUMPHREYSPlayer Image2
Nick HUMPHREYSPlayer Image3
Andy LEWISPlayer Image4
Ed WEEKSPlayer Image5
Nick HANCOCKPlayer Image6
14 73m Nick PEAREPlayer Image7
15 63m Adam PRICEPlayer Image8
Jake LEEPlayer Image9
Will MORFORDPlayer Image10
Liam MEREDITHPlayer Image11
2 75m Niall HALFORDPlayer Image12
7 73m Olly MEHEWPlayer Image14
8 63m Matt BENNETTPlayer Image15