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Saturday 19th August 2017

The FA Cup: Preliminary Round

The Raymond McEnhill Stadium, Salisbury Attendance: 505


3 2

Fareham Town

  Half-time: (2-1)  
Charlie SEARLEPlayer Image1
George COLSONPlayer Image2
12 75m Callum HARTPlayer Image3
Tom WHELANPlayer Image4
Elliot WHEELERPlayer Image5
Jake WANNELLPlayer Image6
Claudio HERBERTPlayer Image7
Lewis BENSONPlayer Image8
Kane O'KEEFEPlayer Image9
14 71m Steve CLARIDGEPlayer Image10
15 80m Daniel YOUNGPlayer Image11
3 75m Eddie PERRETTPlayer Image12
10 71m Stuart GREENPlayer Image14
11 80m Mark FRANCISPlayer Image15
Calum BROCKWAYPlayer Image16
Nathan BALLPlayer Image17
  Steve CLARIDGEManager ImageM