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Monday 28th August 2017

Evo-Stik League South East

The New Eyrie, Bedford Attendance: 311

Bedford Town

1 4

Cambridge City

  Half-time: (1-2)  
    Adam HARPURPlayer Image1
    Paul COOPERPlayer Image2
    12 46m Ronayne MARSH-BROWNPlayer Image3
    Jemale MCKENZIE-LOWEPlayer Image4
    Gradi MILENGEPlayer Image5
    James PETERSPlayer Image6
    Devante STANLEYPlayer Image7
    15 84m Ryan AUGERPlayer Image8
    Lee ROACHEPlayer Image9
    Ben SAWYERPlayer Image10
    14 73m Dylan GITTENSPlayer Image11
    3 46m Matt CLIFFORDPlayer Image12
    11 73m Drew PHILLIPSPlayer Image14
    8 84m Ashton GRANTPlayer Image15
    Kwai MARSH-BROWNPlayer Image16
    Dean DUMMETTPlayer Image17
      Jon TAYLORManager ImageM
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    1Player ImageNiall CONROY
    2Player ImageBen ROBINSON
    3Player ImageMason SPENCE
    4Player ImageRoss PATERSON14 73m 
    5Player ImageJordan GENT
    6Player ImageIan MILLER
    7Player ImageSalim RELIZANI
    8Player ImageRyan TOWNER16 73m 
    9Player ImageLewis WILSON
    10Player ImageRyan SHARMAN
    11Player ImageTom KNOWLES
    12Player ImageMichael KING 65m 
    14Player ImageHarry NORMAN4 73m 
    15Player ImageAdam CAPEL
    16Player ImageBuster HARRADINE8 73m 
    17Player ImageMark COULSON
    MManager ImageRobbie NIGHTINGALE