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Saturday 2nd September 2017

The FA Cup: 1st Qualifying Round

The New Eyrie, Bedford Attendance: 264

Bedford Town

0 2

Lowestoft Town

  Half-time: (0-1)  
Kyle FORSTERPlayer Image1
Paul COOPERPlayer Image2
Matt CLIFFORDPlayer Image3
Jemale MCKENZIE-LOWEPlayer Image4
Olly SWAINPlayer Image5
James PETERSPlayer Image6
Devante STANLEYPlayer Image7
Ryan AUGERPlayer Image8
12 43m Lee ROACHEPlayer Image9
14 61m Ben SAWYERPlayer Image10
15 85m Bradley WOODS-GARNESSPlayer Image11
9 43m Drew PHILLIPSPlayer Image12
10 61m George BRINKMANPlayer Image14
11 85m Dylan GITTENSPlayer Image15
Ashton GRANTPlayer Image16
Adam HARPURPlayer Image17
  Jon TAYLORManager ImageM