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The Evo-Stik League South

Tuesday 21st November 2017

Evo-Stik League South East

Haywood Way, Aylesbury Attendance: 71

Aylesbury FC

0 1

Barton Rovers

  Half-time: (0-1)  
Ashley JENKINSPlayer Image1
Michael BARIMAPlayer Image2
Derek FEYIPlayer Image3
Anthony BALLPlayer Image4
Garry JONESPlayer Image5
Ben STEVENSPlayer Image6
Aston GOSSPlayer Image7
14 40m Jeanmal PROSPERPlayer Image8
Ty DEACONPlayer Image9
12 75m Shayne ALMONDPlayer Image10
Kerran LATAILLEPlayer Image11
10 75m Brian HAULEPlayer Image12
8 40m Davis HAULEPlayer Image14
David POBBEPlayer Image15
Paul BROWNPlayer Image16
  Davis HAULEManager ImageM
MManager ImageTony FONTANELLE