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Taunton Town

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Basingstoke Town

  Half-time: (0-0)  
      Lloyd IRISHPlayer Image1
      Pierce MITCHELLPlayer Image2
      12 56m Nuno FELIXPlayer Image3
      Ben ADELSBURYPlayer Image4
      Keith EMMERSONPlayer Image5
      Shane WHITEPlayer Image6
      14 64m Ollie CHAMBERLAINPlayer Image7
      Ryan BRETTPlayer Image8
      15 74m Matt WRIGHTPlayer Image9
      Dan SULLIVANPlayer Image10
      Matt BUSEPlayer Image11
      3 56m Josh NELMESPlayer Image12
      7 64m Andrew NEALPlayer Image14
      9 74m Craig VEALPlayer Image15
      Tom STONEPlayer Image16
      Brett TROWBRIDGEPlayer Image17
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      1Player ImageColm MCADDEN
      2Player ImageDean STOW
      3Player ImageJim ORVIS
      4Player ImageGeorge BENNETT12 79m 
      5Player ImageShane HOLLAMBY
      6Player ImageHarry PHILBY
      7Player ImageSam SMART
      8Player ImageCharlie KENNEDY
      9Player ImageBen WRIGHT
      10Player ImageSam DEADFIELD
      11Player ImageZidan AKERS15 74m 
      12Player ImageDan COLLIER4 79m 
      14Player ImageCallum BUNTING 63m 
      15Player ImageJack MCKNIGHT11 74m 
      16Player ImageDan BAYLISS
      17Player ImageLiam HUNT
      MManager ImageJason BRISTOW