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Saturday 6th October 2018

The FA Cup: 3rd Qualifying Round

Top Field, Hitchin Attendance: 475

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Hitchin Town

2 0

Hastings United

  Half-time: (1-0)  
Michael JOHNSONPlayer Image1
Alex ANDERSONPlayer Image2
Noah CHESMAINPlayer Image3
Matthew SPRINGPlayer Image4
Dan WEBBPlayer Image5
Lewis FERRELLPlayer Image6
12 Scott BELGROVEPlayer Image7
Jay DOWIEPlayer Image8
14 Ezra FORDEPlayer Image9
15 Isaac GALLIFORDPlayer Image10
Josh BICKERSTAFFPlayer Image11
7 Charlie THAKEPlayer Image12
Josh MOLLISONPlayer Image13
9 Robbie BURNSPlayer Image14
10 Jack GREENPlayer Image15
Tremayne CHARLESPlayer Image16
Charlie SMITHPlayer Image17
Patrick TSHIKALAPlayer Image18
  Mark BURKEManager ImageM
1Player ImageCharlie HORLOCK
2Player ImageJamie FIELDING
3Player ImageJahmal HOWLETT-MUNDLE
4Player ImageTom CLIMPSON
5Player ImageEmmanuel MENSAH
6Player ImageJack DIXON12 
7Player ImageSam ADAMS
8Player ImageHassan IBRAHIYM18 
9Player ImageDayshonne GOLDING
10Player ImageTom VICKERS14 
11Player ImageDaniel AJAKAIYE
12Player ImageKelvin OGBOE6 
13Player ImageTommy TAYLOR
14Player ImageSam CRUTTWELL10 
15Player ImageSinnkaye CHRISTIE
16Player ImageAntonio WALKER-BARTH
17Player ImagePanashe MAKWIRAMITI
18Player ImageAdam LOVATT8