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Saturday 6th October 2018

The FA Cup: 3rd Qualifying Round

The Walks, King's Lynn Attendance: 622

King's Lynn Town

0 1

Ashton United

  Half-time: (0-0)  
Alex STREETPlayer Image1
Aaron JONESPlayer Image2
Frazer BLAKE-TRACYPlayer Image3
15 87m Ryan JARVISPlayer Image4
Ryan FRYATTPlayer Image5
Rory MCAULEYPlayer Image6
Michael CLUNANPlayer Image7
12 70m Craig PARKERPlayer Image8
Michael GASHPlayer Image9
16 76m Harry LIMBPlayer Image10
Ryan HAWKINSPlayer Image11
8 70m Jordan RICHARDSPlayer Image12
Charlie CONGREVEPlayer Image19
Kalern THOMASPlayer Image14
4 87m Nathan STEWARTPlayer Image15
10 76m Toby HILLIARDPlayer Image16
Matt CASTELLANPlayer Image17
Eoin MCQUAIDPlayer Image18