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Saturday 6th October 2018

The FA Cup: 3rd Qualifying Round

The City Ground, Winchester Attendance: 302

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Winchester City

3 0

Cirencester Town

  Half-time: (2-0)  
      Ryan PRYCEPlayer Image1
      Joe HAYWARDPlayer Image2
      Danny KINGPlayer Image3
      Brad GALEPlayer Image4
      Sam ROBERTSPlayer Image5
      Josh HARFIELDPlayer Image6
      17 86m Reece RUSHERPlayer Image7
      Joe COOKPlayer Image8
      12 81m Tyrell MITFORDPlayer Image9
      Simba MLAMBOPlayer Image10
      16 74m Rob CARRPlayer Image11
      9 81m Oli BAILEYPlayer Image12
      Josh TOMBSPlayer Image13
      Josh CORNERPlayer Image14
      Harvey CLARKPlayer Image15
      11 74m Liam GILBERTPlayer Image16
      7 86m Brett CUNNINGHAMPlayer Image17
      Craig DAVISPlayer Image18
        Craig DAVISManager ImageM
      1Player ImageMatt WIECZOREK
      2Player ImageWill CHRISTOPHER
      3Player ImageLouis SPALDING18 52m 
      4Player ImageMichael POOK
      5Player ImageEllis DUNTON
      6Player ImageAntonio GERRISH15 70m 
      7Player ImageTommy ANDERSON16 76m 
      8Player ImageAdam CONNOLLY
      9Player ImageAlan GRIFFIN
      10Player ImageBen WHITEHEAD
      11Player ImageAiden BENNETT
      12Player ImageJames MORTIMER-JONES
      20Player ImageScott ROSE
      14Player ImageMax ARNOLD
      15Player ImageHenry SPALDING6 70m 
      16Player ImageOwen WINDSOR7 76m 
      17Player ImageJack FREEMAN
      18Player ImageJordan MORRIS3 52m 
      MManager ImageCharlie GRIFFIN