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Saturday 8th December 2018

Evo-Stik League South Premier Division South

The Camrose Ground, Basingstoke Attendance: 283

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Basingstoke Town

2 1


  Half-time: (2-1)  
      Colm MCADDENPlayer Image1
      12 89m Dean STOWPlayer Image2
      Rob GERRARDPlayer Image3
      Charlie KENNEDYPlayer Image4
      Dan BAYLISSPlayer Image5
      14 73m Harry PHILBYPlayer Image6
      Sam SMARTPlayer Image7
      Ben WRIGHTPlayer Image8
      Sam ARGENTPlayer Image9
      Sam DEADFIELDPlayer Image10
      Zidan AKERSPlayer Image11
      2 89m Drew MATTHEWSPlayer Image12
      6 73m Dan COLLIERPlayer Image14
      Jim ORVISPlayer Image15
      Liam HUNTPlayer Image16
      Cameron KENNEDYPlayer Image17
      1Player ImageDanny BONESS
      2Player ImageTaishan GRIFFITH14 88m 
      3Player ImageLee CHAPPELL
      4Player ImageBayley BROWN
      5Player ImageHoward HALL
      6Player ImageAdam PEPERA
      7Player ImageShaquille HIPPOLYTE-PATRICK
      8Player ImageRiccardo ALEXANDER-GREENAWAY12 58m 
      9Player ImageRicardo GERMAN
      10Player ImageMatty HARRIOTT
      11Player ImageCole BROWN13 73m 
      12Player ImageShaun LUCIEN8 58m 
      14Player ImageTyriq HUNTE2 88m 
      15Player ImagePrince M'BENGUI
      13Player ImageGianni CRICHLOW11 73m 
      17Player ImageConnor CALCUTT