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Saturday 15th December 2018

The FA Trophy: 1st Round

The Racecourse Ground, Wrexham Attendance: 1083


3 0

Boston United

  Half-time: (3-0)  
Christian DIBBLEPlayer Image1
James JENNINGSPlayer Image3
Nicky DEVERDICSPlayer Image17
Luke SUMMERFIELDPlayer Image7
22 85m Paul RUTHERFORDPlayer Image14
Mark CARRINGTONPlayer Image13
Jake LAWLORPlayer Image30
Brad WALKERPlayer Image16
Akil WRIGHTPlayer Image20
Chris HOLROYDPlayer Image10
Mike FONDOPPlayer Image9
14 85m Matty SARGENTPlayer Image22
Bobby GRANTPlayer Image32
Jack THORNPlayer Image25
Stuart BEAVONPlayer Image23
Rob LAINTONPlayer Image18