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North Greenford United

4 4

Tring Athletic

  Half-time: (1-2)  
    Frazer SIDDALLPlayer Image1
    Harvie GARDINERPlayer Image2
    Dujon DESAGURANTEPlayer Image3
    Andrew MANITOUPlayer Image4
    14 81m Nick TURNERPlayer Image5
    Euphrapy KALONGAPlayer Image6
    12 45m Mileno SANCHESPlayer Image7
    Ben LONGPlayer Image8
    Aaron MCLEISHPlayer Image9
    Excellence MUHEMBAPlayer Image10
    Eric SOWONOLAPlayer Image11
    7 45m Sean HILLIERPlayer Image12
    5 81m Manu OKE-WILLIAMPlayer Image14
    Danny GLOCKPlayer Image15
    Seldyn GRANTPlayer Image16
    Darren ANKOMAH-BREWPlayer Image17
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    1Player ImagePatrick SINFIELD
    2Player ImageJoe FITZGERALD
    3Player ImageJack SUNDERLAND
    4Player ImageRoy BYRON
    5Player ImageMark RIDDICK
    6Player ImageTommy TWELVES
    7Player ImageJames VERNEY
    8Player ImageLuke DUNSTAN
    9Player ImageAshton CAMPBELL
    10Player ImageKieran TURNER
    11Player ImageGeorge IRONTON
    12Player ImageLee STOBBS 
    14Player ImageEthan HOLLAND
    15Player ImageBillie BUSARI
    13Player ImageDave SAUNDERS
    MManager ImageIan RICHARDSON