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Banbury United

4 2

Coalville Town

  Half-time: (3-0)  
      Jack HARDINGPlayer Image1
      Amer AWADHPlayer Image12
      Lee HENDERSONPlayer Image14
      8 79m George NASHPlayer Image4
      Charlie WISEPlayer Image5
      19 85m Ravi SHAMSIPlayer Image6
      Charlie HAWTINPlayer Image7
      Greg KAZIBONIPlayer Image16
      10 73m Ricky JOHNSONPlayer Image9
      Giorgio RASULOPlayer Image18
      Matt TIMMSPlayer Image20
      4 79m Edmund HOTTORPlayer Image8
      6 85m Ryan MACDONALDPlayer Image19
      9 73m Steve DIGGINPlayer Image10
      Eddie ODHIAMBOPlayer Image15
      Harry WHITEHEADPlayer Image17
        Mike FORDManager ImageM
      1Player ImageRichard WALTON
      2Player ImageAlex DEAN
      3Player ImageScott MCMANUS
      4Player ImageSteve TOWERS12 63m 
      5Player ImageKieran FENTON
      6Player ImageJoe DOYLE-CHARLES
      7Player ImageLuke SHAW
      8Player ImageAndrew WRIGHT
      9Player ImageKyle PERRY
      10Player ImageTim BERRIDGE14 45m 
      11Player ImageTom MCGLINCHEY15 45m 
      12Player ImageCurtis BURROWS4 63m 
      14Player ImageKairo MITCHELL10 45m 
      15Player ImageDean FREEMAN11 45m 
      16Player ImageLeandro BROWNE
      13Player ImageMatt COTON