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Saturday 19th January 2019

National League South

Court Place Farm, Oxford Attendance: 313

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Oxford City

0 1

Gloucester City

  Half-time: (0-1)  
Craig KINGPlayer Image1
Eddie JONESPlayer Image2
Ryan CASEPlayer Image3
14 71m Josh ASHBYPlayer Image4
Udoka GODWIN-MALIFEPlayer Image5
Joe OASTLERPlayer Image6
Craig FASANMADEPlayer Image7
Reece FLEETPlayer Image8
Kabongo TSHIMANGAPlayer Image9
Zac MCEACHRANPlayer Image10
12 71m Kyran WILTSHIREPlayer Image11
11 71m Bobson BAWLINGPlayer Image12
4 71m Jack SELFPlayer Image14
Alex GRANTHAMPlayer Image15
Ben BARRETTPlayer Image16
Tom CARTERPlayer Image17
  Mark JONESManager ImageM