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Monday 28th January 2019

The FA Cup: 4th Round

The Hive Stadium, Canons Park, London Attendance: 6215


3 3


  Half-time: (0-1)  

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Will HUFFERPlayer Image39
Cheye ALEXANDERPlayer Image2
Elliott JOHNSONPlayer Image3
Craig ROBSONPlayer Image6
David TUTONDAPlayer Image23
Jack TAYLORPlayer Image12
11 70m Wesley FONGUCKPlayer Image18
17 89m Medy ELITOPlayer Image21
Dan SWEENEYPlayer Image26
Ephron MASON-CLARKPlayer Image27
Shaq COULTHIRSTPlayer Image10
Rihards MATREVICSPlayer Image13
Darnell SMITHPlayer Image28
Joe PAYNEPlayer Image32
18 70m Dan SPARKESPlayer Image11
21 89m Andre BOUCAUDPlayer Image17
Byron HARRISONPlayer Image9
Mohamed BETTAMERPlayer Image38