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Saturday 9th March 2019

Evo-Stik League South Premier Division South

Wordsworth Drive, Taunton Attendance: 686

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Taunton Town

2 2

Hartley Wintney

  Half-time: (1-1)  
      Lloyd IRISHPlayer Image1
      Shane WHITEPlayer Image2
      12 70m Lewis HALLPlayer Image3
      Ben ADELSBURYPlayer Image4
      Ed PALMERPlayer Image5
      14 70m Matt BUSEPlayer Image6
      Ollie CHAMBERLAINPlayer Image7
      Ryan BRETTPlayer Image8
      Matt WRIGHTPlayer Image9
      15 90m Dan SULLIVANPlayer Image10
      Andrew NEALPlayer Image11
      3 70m Pierce MITCHELLPlayer Image12
      6 70m Craig VEALPlayer Image14
      10 90m Lucas TOMLINSONPlayer Image15
      Josh NELMESPlayer Image16
      Matt VILLISPlayer Image17
      1Player ImageAdam DESBOIS
      2Player ImageNathan SMART
      3Player ImageLouie PAGET
      4Player ImageMatt DRAGE
      5Player ImageJack BALL
      6Player ImageAlexandru ALBERT
      7Player ImageMarley RIDGE
      8Player ImageJosh WEBB12 70m 
      9Player ImageMichael CAMPBELL14 83m 
      10Player ImageMitchell PARKER
      11Player ImageSteve DUFF15 87m 
      12Player ImageHarry WOODWARD8 70m 
      14Player ImageTyrone NEWTON9 83m 
      15Player ImageJoshua BURROWS11 87m