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Chesham United

0 1


  Half-time: (0-0)  
Ben GOODEPlayer Image1
Jeanmal PROSPERPlayer Image2
12 Luke WARNER-ELEYPlayer Image3
Adam MARTINPlayer Image4
Kieran MURPHYPlayer Image5
Lewis ROLFEPlayer Image6
Billy ADCOCKPlayer Image7
Ryan BLAKEPlayer Image8
15 Jefferson LOUISPlayer Image9
Eoin CASEYPlayer Image10
16 David PEARCEPlayer Image11
3 Luke HENEGHANPlayer Image12
John-Prince RYLAHPlayer Image14
9 Ronny MFINDAPlayer Image15
11 Bradley CLAYTONPlayer Image16
Michael MURRAYPlayer Image17
  James DUNCANManager ImageM
 Michael MURRAYManager ImageM2
1Player ImageLiam BEACH
2Player ImageJohn OYENUGA
3Player ImageSeth OWENS
4Player ImageTom LEGGETT12 45m 
5Player ImageAaron OAKLEY
6Player ImageCJ FEARN
7Player ImageElliot BONDS
8Player ImageHarry COOKSLEY
9Player ImageMarc CHARLES-SMITH16 80m 
10Player ImageTony HALSEY
11Player ImageReggie YOUNG
12Player ImageMichael FERNANDES4 45m 14 71m 
14Player ImageKurtis CUMBERBATCH12 71m 
15Player ImageAndrew MUSUNGA
16Player ImagePerry COLES9 80m 
18Player ImageLuke KING