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Saturday 20th April 2019

Bostik League South Central Division

Cheshunt Stadium, Cheshunt Attendance: 175


3 0


  Half-time: (2-0)  

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      Harry GIRLINGPlayer Image1
      Anthony FURLONGEPlayer Image2
       62m Connor PETERSPlayer Image3
      Mark HUGHESPlayer Image4
      Taylor MCKENZIEPlayer Image5
      Dave KENDALLPlayer Image6
      Taylor MILESPlayer Image7
      Guiseppe REPlayer Image8
      12 61m Jason HALLETTPlayer Image9
      17 80m Shane COJOCARELPlayer Image10
      14 72m Brian MOSESPlayer Image11
      9 61m Jordan WESTCOTTPlayer Image12
      11 72m Hafeez SANUSIPlayer Image14
      Pat ADAMSONPlayer Image15
      Connor HOGANPlayer Image16
      10 80m Ash NZALAPlayer Image17
      1Player ImageCaolan DOYLE-CREAMER
      2Player ImageKweku LUCAN16 29m 
      3Player ImageMatt COOPER
      4Player ImageYahya EL-KHABOUCHE
      5Player ImageDan NEWTON
      6Player ImageSam JENKINS
      7Player ImageZaied SABTI
      8Player ImageKieran ASUMADU-SAKYI
      9Player ImageJabir LARABA
      10Player ImageAlex WITHAM
      11Player ImageTremayne CHARLES
      12Player ImageKierran LATAILLE16 78m 
      14Player ImageChris GOSLING
      15Player ImageDan PETT
      16Player ImageKyran WORRELL12 78m 2 29m 
      17Player ImageMiguel LOPES DE MATOS