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Saturday 27th April 2019

Evo-Stik League South Premier Division South

The Camrose Ground, Basingstoke Attendance: 1011

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Basingstoke Town

1 2

Taunton Town

  Half-time: (0-1)  
      Tom MCGILLPlayer Image1
      Dean STOWPlayer Image2
      12 49m Adam EVERISSPlayer Image3
      14 31m Charlie KENNEDYPlayer Image4
      Jack WAKELYPlayer Image5
      Dan BAYLISSPlayer Image6
      Sam SMARTPlayer Image7
      Michael ATKINSONPlayer Image8
      Ben WRIGHTPlayer Image9
      Sam DEADFIELDPlayer Image10
      Harry PEARSEPlayer Image11
      3 49m Reece RUSHERPlayer Image12
      4 31m Jim ORVISPlayer Image14
      Aiden HARRISPlayer Image15
      Shane HOLLAMBYPlayer Image16
      Chris RACKLEYPlayer Image17
      1Player ImageLloyd IRISH
      2Player ImagePierce MITCHELL
      3Player ImageLewis HALL
      4Player ImageShane WHITE
      5Player ImageEd PALMER
      6Player ImageMatt BUSE
      7Player ImageJosh NELMES12 74m 
      8Player ImageRyan BRETT
      9Player ImageMatt WRIGHT14 85m 
      10Player ImageDan SULLIVAN15 74m 
      11Player ImageAndrew NEAL
      12Player ImageBen ADELSBURY7 74m 
      14Player ImageCraig VEAL9 85m 
      15Player ImageOllie CHAMBERLAIN10 74m 
      16Player ImageKeith EMMERSON
      17Player ImageLuke MANLEY