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Tuesday 13th August 2019

The FA Cup: Extra Preliminary Round Replay

The Playing Fields, Ardley Attendance: 66

Ardley United

3 1

Leverstock Green

  Half-time: (2-1)  
1Player ImageCarl TASKER
2Player ImageKane O'NEIL
3Player ImageDan WEEKS
4Player ImageJack STEVENS
5Player ImageCharlie MILTON
6Player ImageSteve HAWES
7Player ImageJohn SMITH
8Player ImageOllie COX
9Player ImageStephen DODD
10Player ImageAdiel MANNION
11Player ImageLuis BROOKER
12Player ImageKai STONNELL
14Player ImageZak HOWELLS
15Player ImageHarry MISSELBROOK
16Player ImageOllie LAWFORD 73m 
17Player ImageTom CARTER
18Player ImageAdi CONNOLLY