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Saturday 7th September 2019

National League South

Vauxhall Road, Hemel Hempstead Attendance: 638

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Hemel Hempstead Town

2 0

Chelmsford City

  Half-time: (0-0)  
    Danny BONESSPlayer Image1
    12 79m Tosan POPOPlayer Image2
    Jake HOWELLSPlayer Image3
    14 63m Dan PHILLIPSPlayer Image4
    Connor ESSAMPlayer Image5
    Mitch DICKENSONPlayer Image6
    Liam NASHPlayer Image7
    Luke HOWELLPlayer Image8
    15 49m Alex WALLPlayer Image9
    Jack MIDSONPlayer Image10
    Sam ASHFORDPlayer Image11
    2 79m Manashe SUNDIREPlayer Image12
    4 63m Isaac GALLIFORDPlayer Image14
    9 49m Ricardo GERMANPlayer Image15
    Jacques KPOHOMOUHPlayer Image16
      Sammy MOOREManager ImageM
    1Player ImageCarl PENTNEY
    12Player ImageBilly KNOTT7 58m 
    3Player ImageFrazer SHAW14 77m 
    4Player ImageAnthony CHURCH
    5Player ImageMichael SPILLANE
    6Player ImageAdrian CASCAVAL
    17Player ImageOllie MULDOON
    8Player ImageJonny GILES9 68m 
    20Player ImageRobbie SIMPSON
    10Player ImageChris WHELPDALE
    11Player ImageTom WRAIGHT
    2Player ImageTom GARDINER
    7Player ImageShaun JEFFERS12 58m 
    9Player ImageSam HIGGINS8 68m 
    14Player ImageJamar LOZA3 77m 
    16Player ImageChez ISAAC