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Saturday 7th September 2019

The FA Cup: 1st Qualifying Round

The City Ground, Winchester Attendance: 234

Winchester City

0 3

Taunton Town

  Half-time: (0-1)  
    Ryan PRYCEPlayer Image1
    Dan WILLIAMSONPlayer Image2
    Danny KINGPlayer Image3
    Ollie GRIGGSPlayer Image4
    Keith EMMERSONPlayer Image5
    Rob FLOOKSPlayer Image6
    12 59m Olly BALMERPlayer Image7
    16 70m Jamie BARRONPlayer Image8
    Oli BAILEYPlayer Image9
    Simba MLAMBOPlayer Image10
    14 77m Rob CARRPlayer Image11
    7 59m Kieran DOUGLASPlayer Image12
    Harry BIRCHNALLPlayer Image22
    11 77m Ik HILLPlayer Image14
    Mario NURSEPlayer Image15
    8 70m Liam GILBERTPlayer Image16
    Joe HAYWARDPlayer Image17
    Craig DAVISPlayer Image18
      Craig DAVISManager ImageM
    1Player ImageLloyd IRISH
    2Player ImageJamie SHORT12 71m 
    3Player ImageBradley WEBB
    4Player ImageShane WHITE
    5Player ImageEd PALMER
    6Player ImageJamie PRICE
    7Player ImageOllie CHAMBERLAIN
    8Player ImageDan SULLIVAN14 76m 
    9Player ImageMatt WRIGHT15 53m 
    10Player ImageZac SMITH
    11Player ImageAndrew NEAL
    12Player ImagePierce MITCHELL2 71m 
    14Player ImageJosh GRANT8 76m 
    15Player ImageRyan BRETT9 53m 
    16Player ImageHarry KITE
    17Player ImageLewis HALL
    18Player ImageBen ADELSBURY