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Saturday 21st September 2019

The FA Cup: 2nd Qualifying Round

The Silverlands, Buxton Attendance: 264


5 0

Corby Town

  Half-time: (2-0)  
1Player ImageDan GEORGE
2Player ImageCallum WESTWOOD
3Player ImageSam WARBURTON
4Player ImageJoe BURGESS
5Player ImageCharlie WISE
6Player ImageCurtis HARTLEY14 19m 
7Player ImageJames IRELAND16 45m 
8Player ImageJake DUFFY
9Player ImageElliot SANDY
10Player ImageSteve DIGGIN
11Player ImageJordon CRAWFORD
12Player ImageJohn DEAN
14Player ImageGreg LING6 19m 
15Player ImageScott SANDY
16Player ImageCoden DUNCAN7 45m 
17Player ImageRevarnelle JAMES 55m 
13Player ImageJosh CARPENTER