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Sunday 22nd September 2019

The FA Cup: 2nd Qualifying Round

The Carlsberg Stadium, Biggleswade Attendance: 272

Biggleswade FC

1 3

Chertsey Town

  Half-time: (1-1)  
Tyler JOSEPHSPlayer Image1
Michael SIMPSONPlayer Image2
Luke OSWICKPlayer Image3
Matt RICHARDSONPlayer Image4
Dan NEWTONPlayer Image5
Nathan GEORGEPlayer Image6
Tom COLESPlayer Image7
Lawrie MARSHPlayer Image8
Sean MCMONAGLEPlayer Image9
15 53m Tom COOKMANPlayer Image10
12 83m Ryan INSKIPPlayer Image11
11 83m Adam DRAKULICPlayer Image12
James CONNELLPlayer Image13
Pat MCCAFFERTYPlayer Image14
10 53m Kieran BARNESPlayer Image15
Sam KELLYPlayer Image16
Charlie JOYPlayer Image17
Josh HOLMESPlayer Image18