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Tuesday 1st October 2019

The Southern League Cup: 1st Round

The Sports Ground, Bideford Attendance: 116


2 5

Taunton Town

  Half-time: (0-2)  
    Liam KINGSTONPlayer Image1
    Niall HEENEYPlayer Image2
    Toby DOWNPlayer Image3
    Ben PALMERPlayer Image4
    Lewis WALDYPlayer Image5
    Charlie LAWRENCEPlayer Image6
    Ben CARTERPlayer Image7
    12 81m Aaron TAYLORPlayer Image8
    14 66m Billy TUCKERPlayer Image9
    15 66m Theo SIMPSONPlayer Image10
    Ryan TURNERPlayer Image11
    8 81m Stephen REEDPlayer Image12
    9 66m James MAYNEPlayer Image14
    10 66m Sean DOWNINGPlayer Image15
    Kevin SQUIREPlayer Image16
    1Player ImageLloyd IRISH
    2Player ImageJamie SHORT
    3Player ImageLewis HALL
    4Player ImageJack RICE
    5Player ImageEd PALMER
    6Player ImageJamie PRICE12 14m 
    7Player ImageOllie CHAMBERLAIN
    8Player ImageRyan BRETT14 61m 
    9Player ImageMatt WRIGHT
    10Player ImageDan SULLIVAN
    11Player ImageAndrew NEAL15 72m 
    12Player ImageNoah COPPIN6 14m 
    14Player ImageHarry KITE8 61m 
    15Player ImageMatt VILLIS11 72m 
    16Player ImageBen ADELSBURY