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Tuesday 1st October 2019

The Southern League Cup: 1st Round

The Memorial Playing Fields, Hartley Wintney Attendance: 112

Hartley Wintney

3 4

Thatcham Town

  Half-time: (2-2)  
Tom WILLIAMSPlayer Image1
Nathan SMARTPlayer Image2
Callum ABRAHAM-BARLOWPlayer Image3
Alexandru ALBERTPlayer Image4
14 81m Jordan STEPNEYPlayer Image5
12 67m Josh WEBBPlayer Image6
Steve DUFFPlayer Image7
Tyron SMITHPlayer Image8
Mickel PLATTPlayer Image9
Dean RULEPlayer Image10
Salhin ABUBAKARPlayer Image11
6 67m Jack BALLPlayer Image12
5 81m Tom BIRDPlayer Image14
Louie PAGETPlayer Image15
Shane HOLLAMBYPlayer Image16
8Player ImageCallum WILLMOTH
9Player ImageGeorge JEACOCK
10Player ImageFelipe BARCELOS
11Player ImageJames TENNANT