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Wednesday 2nd October 2019

The Southern League Cup: 1st Round

The Elms Recreation Ground, Highworth Attendance: 141

Highworth Town

0 4

Swindon Supermarine

  Half-time: (0-0)  
Connor JOHNSPlayer Image1
Matty GRABEPlayer Image2
Dan COMERPlayer Image3
Will DAVIDSONPlayer Image4
14 59m Matt CHEETHAMPlayer Image5
Sam MORRISPlayer Image6
Corey KINGPlayer Image7
Sean WOODPlayer Image8
16 57m Ash EDENBOROUGHPlayer Image9
17 63m Ralph GRAHAMPlayer Image10
Jacob DAVIDGEPlayer Image11
Dan DREWETTPlayer Image12
5 59m Aaron OAKLEYPlayer Image14
Leon MORRISONPlayer Image15
9 57m Edji MBUNGAPlayer Image16
10 63m Sol PRYCEPlayer Image17
1Player ImageMartin HORSELL
2Player ImageDave BAMPTON
3Player ImageLouis SPALDING
4Player ImageJamie EDGE16 59m 
5Player ImageSimon DOWNER14 10m 
6Player ImageMatt LIDDIARD
7Player ImageHenry SPALDING
8Player ImageCalvin DINSLEY15 70m 
9Player ImageHarry WILLIAMS
10Player ImageConor MCDONAGH
11Player ImageRyan CAMPBELL
12Player ImageStuart FLEETWOOD
14Player ImageMatt COUPE5 10m 
15Player ImageBrad GRAY8 70m 
16Player ImageBrad HOOPER4 59m 
17Player ImageJosh MILSOM
MManager ImageLee SPALDING