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Saturday 5th October 2019

The FA Cup: 3rd Qualifying Round

The Fans Stadium, Kingston upon Thames Attendance: 358


1 1


  Half-time: (0-0)  
1Player ImageLuke PURNELL
2Player ImageConnor DAVIES12 77m 
3Player ImageScott LAIRD
4Player ImageJake MAWFORD
5Player ImageAaron PARSONS
6Player ImageCharlie MADDEN
7Player ImageGeorge DOWLING14 85m 
8Player ImageSam HENDY
9Player ImageOwen HOWE
10Player ImageJoel RANDALL
11Player ImageRyan JONES15 66m 
12Player ImageNick MCCOOTIE2 77m 
13Player ImageNiall MAHER
14Player ImageJay MALSHANKSYJ7 85m 
15Player ImageIsaac PEARCE11 66m 
16Player ImageTom LLEWELLYN
17Player ImageJarrad WELCH
18Player ImageAlex BYRNE
MManager ImageScott BARTLETT