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Tuesday 8th October 2019

The Southern League Cup: 1st Round

The City Ground, Winchester Attendance: 62

Winchester City

2 0


  Half-time: (1-0)  
      Harry BIRCHNALLPlayer Image1
      Dan WILLIAMSONPlayer Image2
      Danny KINGPlayer Image3
      Craig DAVISPlayer Image4
      Keith EMMERSONPlayer Image5
      Luke KINGPlayer Image6
      Dom PANESAR-DOWERPlayer Image7
      15 82m Jack FRANCISPlayer Image8
      12 70m Oli BAILEYPlayer Image9
      Simba MLAMBOPlayer Image10
      14 81m Ik HILLPlayer Image11
      9 70m Ewan HAYLORPlayer Image12
      11 81m Kyle SAUNDERSPlayer Image14
      8 82m Joe MERRETTPlayer Image15
      Oliver RAISBECKPlayer Image16
      Ryan PRYCEPlayer Image13
        Craig DAVISManager ImageM
      1Player ImageJacob LEAR
      2Player ImageAdam BRICE
      3Player ImageEd COOK
      4Player ImageAfan GASHI15 85m 
      5Player ImageAbdulai SARR
      6Player ImageAaron-James SAMPSON14 70m 
      7Player ImageMamadu MENDES12 86m 
      8Player ImageYouel EMMANUEL
      9Player ImageNirajan KHADKA
      10Player ImageJoshua HOOKS
      11Player ImageFrancis OPOKU
      12Player ImageEmmanuel FIO SIMBA7 86m 
      14Player ImageWesley DE OLIVEIRA QUIRINO6 70m 
      15Player ImageFinley WARREN4 85m