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Saturday 26th October 2019

The FA Trophy: 1st Qualifying Round

The Lamb Ground, Tamworth Attendance: 385


4 0


  Half-time: (2-0)  
    Jasbir SINGHPlayer Image1
    12 66m Aaron FORDEPlayer Image2
    Henri WILDERPlayer Image3
    Bilal YAFAIPlayer Image4
    Joe MAGUNDAPlayer Image5
    14 75m Lathaniel ROWE-TURNERPlayer Image6
    15 77m Tyrell WAITEPlayer Image7
    James FRYPlayer Image8
    Dan CREANEYPlayer Image9
    Jordan CLEMENTPlayer Image10
    Rhys HOENESSPlayer Image11
    2 66m Luke LITTLEPlayer Image12
    6 75m Rashaan FRANCESPlayer Image14
    7 77m Dilano REIDPlayer Image15
    Ahmed OBENGPlayer Image16
    Richard WALTONPlayer Image17
    1Player ImageCharlie BECKWITH
    2Player ImageKyle HAMMOND
    3Player ImageMason SINCLAIR
    4Player ImageSiju ODELUSI
    5Player ImageHarry KNIGHTS
    6Player ImageGeorge KEYS
    7Player ImageNoel AITKENS12 74m 
    8Player ImageJerry KAMANZI14 56m 
    9Player ImageWill DAVIES
    10Player ImageRhys HENRY
    11Player ImageJosh HITTER15 64m 
    12Player ImageCharlie CANHAM7 74m 
    14Player ImageIuri FERNANDES8 56m 
    15Player ImageBen STANNARD11 64m 
    16Player ImageJosh CHEETHAM
    17Player ImageJake JESSUP