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Tuesday 5th November 2019

Hampshire Senior Cup: 2nd Round

Moneyfields Sports Ground, Portsmouth Attendance: 104


4 3

Aldershot Town

  Half-time: (3-3)  
    Jake HALLETTPlayer Image1
    12 66m Connor YORKPlayer Image2
    Conor BAILEYPlayer Image3
    Jake RAINEPlayer Image4
    Jamie FORDPlayer Image5
    Sam PEARCEPlayer Image6
    Connor HOAREPlayer Image7
    Lewis FENNEMOREPlayer Image8
    Ryan PENNERYPlayer Image9
    Joe BRIGGSPlayer Image10
    Rhys LLOYDPlayer Image11
    2 66m Danny BURROUGHSPlayer Image12
    Lamin JATTAPlayer Image14
    Tyler GIDDINGSPlayer Image15
    Brett POATEPlayer Image16
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    1Player ImageRyan HALL
    2Player ImageHarry WOODWARD
    3Player ImageRyan SUCKLING
    4Player ImageAlfy WHITTINGHAM
    5Player ImageGeorge FORREST
    6Player ImageKodi LYONS-FOSTER
    7Player ImageAlefe SANTOS16 62m 
    8Player ImageAaron EYOMA
    9Player ImageMohamed BETTAMER
    10Player ImageConnor SHIELDS
    11Player ImageHarry PANAYIOTOU12 55m 
    12Player ImageMarco ARAMBURU11 55m 
    14Player ImageReece WYLIE 88m 
    15Player ImageMoroyin OMOLABI
    16Player ImageJames ROWE7 62m 
    13Player ImageLewis BOOTH