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Tuesday 12th November 2019

The FA Trophy: 2nd Qualifying Round Replay

The Memorial Playing Fields, Hartley Wintney Attendance: 153

Hartley Wintney

2 1


  Half-time: (1-1)  
Luke WILLIAMSPlayer Image1
Nathan SMARTPlayer Image2
Louie PAGETPlayer Image3
Jack BALLPlayer Image4
Shane HOLLAMBYPlayer Image5
Alexandru ALBERTPlayer Image6
12 90m Adam CORNELLPlayer Image19
Tyron SMITHPlayer Image8
Dean RULEPlayer Image9
Salhin ABUBAKARPlayer Image10
Josh WEBBPlayer Image11
19 90m Mickel PLATTPlayer Image12
Steve DUFFPlayer Image14
Leslie SACKEYPlayer Image15
Jordan ALVESPlayer Image16
Jordan STEPNEYPlayer Image17
Tyrone NEWTONPlayer Image18