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Gosport Borough

2 3

Bath City

  Half-time: (0-2)  
    Pat O'FLAHERTYPlayer Image1
    Charlie KENNEDYPlayer Image15
    Rory WILLIAMSPlayer Image3
    Mike CARTERPlayer Image4
    Ryan WOODFORDPlayer Image5
    Sam ROBERTSPlayer Image6
    Liam ROBINSONPlayer Image7
    Josh HUGGINSPlayer Image18
    Chris FLOODPlayer Image20
    11 78m Sam ARGENTPlayer Image10
    2 46m Alex JOHNPlayer Image19
    19 46m 8 48m Joe LEAPlayer Image2
    Alan WALKER-HARRISPlayer Image13
    2 48m Theo LEWISPlayer Image8
    Matt PATERSONPlayer Image9
    10 78m George BARKERPlayer Image11
    Lee MOLYNEUXPlayer Image14
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    1Player ImageRyan CLARKE
    2Player ImageJoe RAYNES
    3Player ImageConnor RILEY-LOWE
    4Player ImageTom SMITH
    5Player ImageDan BOWRY14 90m 
    6Player ImageFrankie ARTUS
    7Player ImageAdam MANN15 71m 
    8Player ImageAndy WATKINS16 71m 
    9Player ImageNoah CHILVERS
    10Player ImageDan BALL
    11Player ImageOllie KENSDALE
    12Player ImageTom RICHARDS 105m 
    13Player ImageHarvey WILES-RICHARDS
    14Player ImageAlex HARTRIDGE5 90m 
    15Player ImageRyan BRUNT7 71m 
    16Player ImageRoss STEARN8 71m 
    17Player ImageJordan SIMPSON
    18Player ImageHarry HAMBLIN